What I learned

Hello, I'm Kato, a solo developer, It has been two years since I made this game. I got the 2nd place in the Game making contest 2018, but even if I didn't win anything, I learned a lot from it and I would like to share it with you so you don't make the same mistakes:

1-If you think your game is EASY and things are very obvious, it probably is not. (My most important lesson, I saw players who found my game easy and natural, I told them in the game what to do, but although it was said in the game several players didn't understand it., that's very frustrating to see, I felt compelled to make an easier version of the game.)

2-Gametester are important, find one that destroys your game from top to bottom. Also look for people who don't know anything about video games. (Too bad my gametester were very skillful)

3-It's difficult to make a game that is not in your own language. Better to do it in your own language and then get a translated version.

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