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i really liked it! a full game would be awesome, i would willingly pay!  :)

For what there was it was pretty good! ^_^ Will there be an extended version coming that shows the whole family line of tragedy? 

yep, i'm planning an extended version but I'm still not sure if I tell the story that happens after the game or before the game.  Both are interesting.


Hmm this seems like a  "/shrug "why not both?"" type thing ;) can't wait to see it!


It is a bit short, but I really enjoyed it! I love rpg horror games so this was right up my alley. Love the artwork and the story.

Thank you for the video! I'm happy you enjoyed!  :D


Very short game but made very well! The game play was fun, the story was addicting, and the artwork was absolutely beautiful! It's nice to see horror games with vibrant colors as opposed to the usual washed-out gloominess most games are created with.

Thanks for sharing this game with us! I certainly enjoyed playing, which can be checked in the video below :)

Thank you very much for playing! I'm glad you liked it, I loved the gameplay!

Was this done in RPG Maker VX Ace or MV?

It's made with MV

Huh, looks like it was made in VX Ace to me x3

But oh well

Kato-san la contraseña tiene que ver con. Los lados o los vértices de las figuras geométricas, o no dame una pista mas

tiene que ver con: donde se juntan dos líneas, los vértices. 

algo tiene que ver la hoja en la pared?

pues si, es la contraseña xD


ya like resolvi antes gracias igualmente


ya termine el juego no sé si entendí la historia como debería pero me gustó mucho, gracias y sigue adelante, he jugado casi todo tus juegos


Hey so here´s the second part of the game play and once again i really had fun playing this game


YO THERE  played your game and made a two part gameplay of it

amazing game and great twist on the end

Here´s the link to the video and hope u enjoy

Thanks for play my game xD Was fun! I want see the second part. 

im just finishing the final editing on it and after that i gotta go to work so im really unsure of what im going to use as thumbnail, but you bet there will be a second part today

hi, big thx for the disturbing game. greetings from germany

Thanks for playing it! I'm sad you wouldn't realize how ending it.  You can see this video to know.


Not bad. I like it despite that I dont understance the story that much.


Did you figure out the 4 digit code puzzle? Cause I can't figure it out ;p

I can't tell you the code because I don't want to spoiler in comments, but it's not difficult. Did you noticed that the drawer on the left tells you how to solve it?

Yes I'm just not very smart or I'm overthinking it >.<

If you left me some contact page, I can tell you.  xD

@sleeprpg on twitter. Sorry for the trouble >.<

Well, the story is not explained, you must deduce it with the notes and the end of the game xD.