A downloadable game

*"This game is being REMADE"*

"Game made in two weeks for  $104 Adventure Game Challenge"
With the theme: A delusion


"This game contains themes of drug use, blood, explicit murder and sexual assault references."


The story is about a demon, who after being forced to join a rehabilitation program for demons falls madly in love with an angel.

Could he leave the evil side and become a being of light to confess his love? or will he succumb to his instincts?


-Custom art

-Exploration and easy puzzles

-Lovely characters

Adventure, Puzzle, Drama, Comedy.

Gameplay time: 

15-30 min. 

(This game contains several grammatical mistakes. English is not my native language.)

Development log


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I saw that there are easy puzzles. I love puzzles but I'm amazingly horrible at them so I'll dictate if they're easy or not lol (when the game gets put back up ,,ԾㅂԾ,,)

Hahaha, They are instructions like: go from point A to point B.

Hope I finish repairing the game soon.

sorry, but how can i download a game? there is no link here ^^"

hello, I'm repairing some things in the game so it is not available for now.


This is a good and interesting little adventure game. I overall liked the mood and the story. Well done.


Thank you! :D


A new game! Awesome :3


Very cute! I enjoyed every moment

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it! 



Loved the art, still dont trust that angel

Certainly that angel has some secrets but I didn't have enough time to reveal them xD